Sword Of Moss

by Vindkaldr

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Atmospheric Black Metal Cat
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Atmospheric Black Metal Cat One of my favorite artists I have found on Bandcamp. BM to put the headphones on , take a journey. So so good . Favorite track: Foresight Amongst Columns Of Frost.
Joseph James
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Joseph James At once retrograde and refreshing, Vindkaldr brings us a new dimension to the already thriving Australian Black Metal scene. Taking an almost entirely different approach to his predecessors (and in many ways his contemporaries too), here we are offered a landscape of fertile tones in place of the traditional aims of blistering harshness or self pitying melancholy. In a word, it's Burzum worship pushed to new plateaus.
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Final While this is undoubtedly Burzum worship, it is not a rip-off: Vindkaldr respectfully surpasses the atmosphere Burzum strived to evoke in both ambient instrumentals and actual black metal songs. Riffs that meander on for over 20 minutes and appear unwilling to change, but when they do, the resulting mood is sublime. Very recommended, but bring along some patience. Favorite track: Foresight Amongst Columns Of Frost.
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released April 4, 2015

All Instruments: Mauhulakh



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Track Name: Foresight Amongst Columns Of Frost
Columns of frost
Line the forest temple
And chants of birds
Gild the cold winter wind
Inside a giants skull
Dwell quiet creatures
That work tirelessly
And endlessly
Making food for their
Eternal winter
A sorcerer sits
On what used to be
The giants heavy limbs
Now covered in dirt and moss
And contemplates life secrets
Above him
The columns suspend
An invisible roof of stars
Protecting him from snowfall
He speaks with the trees
And the clouds
He speaks with the birds
And the fox
But they care not
In the centre of the columns
He summons a dark spirit
Who shows him
Man and woman
Wolves and beasts
The earth as a star
In a galaxy of mortals
Pain, suffering and death
And then he saw nothing
And the dark spirit
Had left him