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Tatermancer Take Burzum's aesthetic, Obsequiae's sound, circa-2009-era Njiqahdda's polyphony, a fistful of musical creativity, and you'll get something like this. Favorite track: Sigrdrifa's Wisdom.
Atmospheric Black Metal Cat
Atmospheric Black Metal Cat thumbnail
Atmospheric Black Metal Cat This could very will be on my favorites of 2017 by years end . Absolutely majestic Black metal inspired directly from the Poetic Edda .. wonderful muted production that allows the guitar layers and melodies to soar above . Can't stop listening to this one .

Amazing !!!! Favorite track: Sif's Husband Strikes The Sea Wolf.
Winterpercht thumbnail
Winterpercht Epic winter BM - has an Obsequiae feeling with all the guitar lines in it.
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Final Just when I’d feared this artist may have ceased recording new songs, this comes across my desk! Can’t wait to dig into it.
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released May 9, 2017

All Compositions/Instruments/Vocals: Mauhulakh

All lyrics taken from the Poetic Edda, English translation: Carolyne Larrington. Sung from the written Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk, various translations.

Art designed by Mauhulakh using painting by Oscar Wergeland 'Man With Horse And Sleigh On The Way To The Little Cabin', drawing by Johannes Gehrts 'Ragnarok', drawing by John Charles Dollman 'The Devil Giant With The Flaming Sword' and engraving from the Oseberg ship.



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Track Name: Seeress's Prophecy

43. Garm bays loudly before Gnipa-cave,
the fetter will break and the ravener run free,
much wisdom she knows, I see further ahead
to the mighty Doom of the Gods, of the victory-gods.
Track Name: Nine Worlds, Nine Giant Women

2. I remember giants born early in time
those nurtured me long ago;
I remember nine worlds, I remember nine giant women,
the mighty Measuring-Tree below the earth.

3. Early in time Ymir made his settlement,
there was no sand nor sea nor cool waves;
earth was nowhere nor the sky above,
a void of yawning chaos, grass was there nowhere

6. Then all the Powers went to the thrones of fate,
the sacrosanct gods, and considered this:
to night and her children they gave names,
morning they named, and midday,
afternoon and evening, to reckon up in years.

7. The Æsir met on Idavoll Plain,
high they built altars and temples;
they set up their forges, smithed precious things,
shaped tongs and made tools.
Track Name: Sif's Husband Strikes The Sea Wolf

22. The protector of humans, the serpent's sole slayer,
baited his hook with the ox's head.
The one whom the gods hate, the All-Lands-Girdler
from below gaped wide over the hook.

23. Then very bravely Thor, doer of great deeds,
pulled the poison-gleaming serpent up on board.
With his hammer he violently struck, from above
the hideous one, the wolf's intimate-brother's head.

24. The sea-wolf shrieked and the rock-bottom re-echoed,
all the ancient earth was collapsing
then that fish sank itself into the sea.

36. He lifted from his shoulders the outstanding cauldron,
he swung Mjollnir before him, keen to kill,
and he struck down all the lava-whales.
Track Name: Sigrdrifa's Wisdom

2. Long I slept, long was I sleeping,
long are the woes of men;
Odin brought it about that I could not break
the sleep runes.

3. Hail to the day! Hail to the sons of day!
Hail to night and her kin!
With gracious eyes may you look upon us two,
and give victory to those sitting here!

16. On the bear's paw and on Bragi's tongue,
on the wolf's claw, and on eagle's beak,
on bloody wings and at the end of the bridge,
on hands which deliver and on the trail of a helpful man,

17. On glass and on gold, and on men's amulets,
in wine and on wort and on a favourite seat,
on the point of Gungnir and the breast of Grani,
on the nail of the norn, and the beak of the owl.
Track Name: Hamdir & Sorli

3. She was your sister - Svanhild was her name -
whom Iormunrekk trampled with horses,
white and black, on the paved road,
with the grey horses of the Goths, trained to pace slowly.

10. Weep for your brothers and your dear sons,
close-born kinsmen, brought to strife;
for us both, Gudrun, you shall weep too,
we who sit here, doomed men on our horses; far from here we'll die.

23. There was tumult in the hall, beer-cups rebounded,
men lay in blood, shed from Goths' breasts.

24. Then said Hamdir the strong-minded:
You were longing, Iormunrekk, for our arrival,
brothers born of the same mother, within your citadel.
You see your own feet, you see your own hands,
Iormunrekk, hurled into the hot fire.'

30. We have fought well, we stand on Goth corpses,
weary from the sword-edge like eagles on a branch;
we have won great glory if we die now or yesterday,
no man outlasts the evening after the norns have given their verdict.

31. Then Sorli fell at the hall gable
and Hamdir sank behind the house
Track Name: The High Ones Song

138. I know that I hung on a windswept tree
nine long nights,
wounded with a spear, dedicated to Odin,
myself to myself,
on that tree of which no man knows
from where its roots run.

112. I advise you Loddfafnir, to take this advice,
it will be useful if you learn it,

140. Nine mighty spells I learnt from the famous son
of Bolthor, Bestla's father,
and I got a drink of the precious mead,
I, soaked from Odrerir.

164. Now the High One's song is recited, in the High One's hall
very useful to the sons of men,
quite useless to the sons of men,
luck to him who recited, luck to him who knows!
May he benefit, he who learnt it,
luck to those who listened!